Adrian Sammons

Adrian lives in Forestville in Sydney's Northern Suburbs. Email him here.

Information about Adrian here

  The lovely lady showing off her "heart" is Adrian's partner Tracy. She and Adrian's 91 VFR are sitting outside the Rising Sun pub in Auburn South Australia.  The picture was taken whilst touring the Clare Valley & Flinders Ranges.

This picture was taken in the Snowy Mountains on the way back from Phillip Island.

Adrian's VFR at Phillip Island - with a few others    VFRs at Phillip Island - How many can you count.

A great view  Around Brown Mountain

Tracey I dont like bullshit
Australia, native wildlife especially Kookas and parrots (they have character)  or politicians.
I like VFRs , touring long distances and my 1974 CB400 four  I think State Government. are Jurassic
 I like river fishing even if I dont catch anything, I like Manly (get over it !)  American sitcoms are sickcoms.
Oh and I like Beer ..and telling jokes
I really like the introduction of the 'chairman & directors liability law' which translate to 'when the actions of a company are unlawful or harmful, the bastards at the very top that actually authorised  the decisions get their arse in a sling'