Geoff Cox - Red 1994 VFR

Some Personal details about Geoff can be found here.        Geoff's email address is here


   Geoff is from  Queensland, and the pictures show him at the BMW training School at Norwell.   The photography is by Drechsler Photographics from  Beenleigh, Qld


Geoff is recently back into motorcycling after a long layoff. Geoff is a Network Techo, so he may be good for some free advice.  His recent bikes include


Any Blues, old Blues, 60's & 70's Rock music, SRV, Elmore James, Jimmi, Janis, Chaka Khan, E. Clapton Esq., Gary Moore, good Blues guitar Lousy drivers, mobile taxation, speed cops traps and cameras, rotten Pommie vehicles, lousy motorcycles
Bacon & Eggs, Asian food, roast dinners, good red wine Rap crap, most 90's music
Bundy Rum 'n' Coke, fresh air, open spaces, old Pubs, old friends, Phillip Island, good people. Wankers politicians and other liars, telephone recorded messages
Julian & Keith Most TV, Darryl Eastlake and other screamers
SuperBike and GP racing, , the VFR List, Honda motorcycles, fast bikes Feminazis, yuppies and their food, fashion, opera, ballet.
Rugby Union & League (Broncoes Rule!), Computer games, good books

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