Rob Fizgerald - Red 1994 VFR

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Like these pages, Rob's bike is under construction. We will update the images as soon as the paint job is finished.

Rob lives in Marsfield which is in the north west region of Sydney with Danni and their dog Ren(After Ren & Stimpy).

Started riding in the country(Yep, I'm a country boy) on dirtbikes ranging from 50's to 250's. I got my Learner's  permit at the start of 95' with my first road bike being a 1987 Yamahahaha TZR250(two stroke). This was of course illegal on a learner's permit but I wanted SOME performance. I loved that bike despite all the headaches with it and it was eventually stolen:-(. It is a shame as I was going to keep her and do her up. Well in October 97 I finally had my finances together to afford a second hand VFR(My dream bike for over a year) which is my current baby(Maxine).
I am also a member of the Honda riders club and a member of Road Rabble(#32).


VFR's, Talking bikes, Motorsport(bikes, cars..anything as long as they race) Cleaning my bike (as I usually have to clean Danni's car as well)
Bourbon, Beer, Strong Coffee first thing in the morning. Housework
South Park, The Simpsons, Seinfeld Police Radars and the fines that go with them.
Computer/Console Games(Big Kid) Shabby motorcycle dealers.
The love of a good woman (Danni)
All music but I love Punk.
Most other sport, Animals, Movies.

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