VFR Related Links

The Australian VFR Homepage
Bikescape- a great place to rent a VFR
The VFR Web Ring has links to VFR sites around the world
The VFR Mailing Listis a very active group of VFR owners who are a source of much information
The VFR Mailing list Archives is a searchable list of all the information generated by the VFR mailing list.
The VFR Owners list is a table of VFR owners from around the world.
The Texas VFR750 garage is full of useful information and many VFR links.
The Honda V4 pages - more VF than VFR, but interesting none the less.
The Japanese VFR Home page
The US VFR home page
The VFR FAQon the US VFR site
The VFR Registry  is a list of VFR750 and 800 owners and their bikes - contains a lot of other useful information.
The 1986/1987 VFR page is a site dedicated to the early model VFRs - the best ever.
Jay's VFR page.  Worth a visit to see the cool VFR stickers Jay makes and the creative graphics.