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Vintage Honda

Honda Vintage Brochures - kindly sent by Graeme Duckett from New Zealand

Some old racing movies  
'61 Ulster 250 & 500cc GP Assen
Ulster 1999 superbike final - Joey Dunlop 1983 TT RS850R #1 - a ride with Joey Dunlop
Hutchinson 100 Brands Hatch 67 senior tt
Irish North West 200 Onboard lap at the North West 200 - cool stuff
North West 200 - Onboard show lap - Steve Parrish
North West 200 - Onboard lap with alastair Seeley

North West 200 2008 - Aerial lap

Like riding in the rain?- Kiyonari 2008 at Donington Park
Mugello 250cc Race - Simoncelli vs Bautista vs Pasini in the rain
Classic Motorcycles Page - non Honda mostly
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old pics & 1947
1974 Models
CL & SL100, CB100
GL175 & xL175
CB360, SL350

XBR500 CB550
CBX1000 FT

50 to 90 cc's
XL350 CB400

60's models
CL50/70, CT70
CD125 CG125
CB450 GB400
CB750 CB900

1959-1969 dreams
CD70, CD90, CB90
CR125 SS125
CR250 CB350
CB1000 CR750
NX TRX Shadow

1969 Models
CB92, CT90, S92
CD175 CL175
CL350 CR350

VF1982 1983 VF1984 VF1985 VF1000 RVF400 VFR750 VFR800, RC30 Other models
FatCats Other Misc      

Pit Bay's......

Graeme's page Rare 1960 CB72 Dream Ian's page
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Branson's page click here to go to the Branson page Joep's Race page click here to go to Joep's page Honda's Racing History 1959-1968 click here to go to Honda's race History 1959 to 1968
Graeme restores old Honda's & other old bikes - plus some of his racing pics - awesome stuff ......... Ian Munro's page - Ian is a local [Brisbane, Australia] Period 3 & 4 Classic racer, as well as a few other pics from him The Branson's page - A husband and wife Vintage race couple from the USA Joep's racing pictures from the early 60's and 70's - some awesome history in here folks and other information...... Honda's race History 1959 to 1968 by Joep
Team GBA Racing
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Kevin Hall's page click here to go to Kevin Hall's page  
A racing group that loves older vintage racing Kevin Hall of Canada's old Honda Race pics and pics      
You like Road Tests ?? We can provide from the following list - ask and it can be delivered ......

Not a Honda Fan - what are you doing here ??
Vintage Kawasaki Brochures
Vintage Yamaha Brochures
Vintage Bultaco MX & other Brochures

some other Models
s1961RC143 61cb77 69cb750= s75goldwing s79cbx 73elsinore
1961 RC 143 1961 CB77 1969 CB 750 1975 Goldwing 1979 CBX 1973 Elsinore
  s83Interceptor     s87hurricane  
  1983 VF750FD   1987 Hurricane